The Onion would take the next 2 weeks to grapple with the biggest story of its existence and create maybe the greatest issue of its long run.
In the last issue before 9/11, we also have friendly zombies, the new Euro, DragonCon 2001, and fierce debates about individual liberty
Enjoy a great Onion issue that caters to pre-9/11 silliness.
And go back to 2001 with Stephen Jay Gould, Bill O'Reilly and the Olsen twins.
Thank God for a manatee visiting Congress, a Realtor's "last big score" and a man impressed with how he's been insulted.
We also have American icons like Popeye, Tom Brokaw and ... Richard Grieco. Plus, looking to switch careers? The Onion has you covered.
Also: Read about the angst of video game characters, Burger King transactions, Jean Teasdale's friends and the argument about poetry down at the loadin…
Also, remember when Al Gore was sad about losing the presidency? And when Michael Jordan wanted to unretire (again)? We've got that, too.
Bet you've never thought of those words all in a row. Welcome back from The Onion's 2001 summer vacation!
Oh, to enjoy a print schedule without the constant demands for C O N T E N T
Plus, we have a report on the movies and songs of summer 2001, Bush's tax refund, the World War II memorial, doomed weddings and much more.
We also have paintings of Jesus, an ode to Dolly Parton, a man too generous with gum and a man sad he was hit with a shovel. These are all real things.