2002 was a very long time ago, with stories about the early housing bubble, McDonald's, dot-com Silicon Valley and Ben Affleck's assistant. Also, sex…
Welcome back to The Onion: 20 Years Later, where we review the print issue from 20 years ago, find out what’s still funny and examine the cultural…
We also have the first military war started by the internet, time-traveling teenagers, the Pepsi-Coke rivalry and girls gone wild from April 3, 2002.
March 2002 was full of topical content, including John Ashcroft, Ozzy Osbourne, the War on Drugs and "E.T" toys.
We also have Dell Computers, 11-year-olds smoking and the 20-year re-release of "E.T." to remind us how long ago 2002 really was.
We also have early Botox, late Sean Connery, home-brewing and criticism of Winona Ryder's shoplifting
"Stabble Stabble Stabble!" enters the lexicon, plus a guy's band is playing, old people and young people are fighting, Bono is Jesus and a dog is a dog.
Look back at 2002's world of flip phones, Absolut ads, LL Cool J, Lee Greenwood and much more
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The Onion: 20 Years Later